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Design fictions

Speculative scenarios narrated through designed artefacts

Close up of an eye with a coloured ring around the pupil

The Maya Lenz

The Maya Lenz is a speculative future design for an advanced mixed reality contact lens that provides the wearer a persistent, uber-personalised view of the world.

Illustration of a hand holding a smart phone which shows the Treaty of One Heart app—a heart beats in the centre of the screen in time with the user, and country flags appear showing how other people in different countries are using the app to sync their heart beat at the same time

Treaty of One Heart

A treaty between states at conflict committing them to ritual breathing via a smart phone app to minimise tension.

MR In-flight Kit

In-flight Mixed Reality Kit

A 15-minute provotype exploring future of airline travel.

A hand peeling the seal off a smart patch

Diversity Health Patch

Speculative smart patches that monitor your well-being according to your choice of medical belief (Western bio-medical, Traditional Chinese, or Tantric Buddhism).

Futures store

Store of future inventions

Design fictions created during Future Scouting workshops and games, collected in a future store

Learn speculative design

"Lutz’s book gives us a toolkit to widen our frame of vision and stretch our creativity."

"A very good text for someone who wants to be introduced to futures & foresight knowledege."

"I liked the focus on designing for core values."

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