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Design values-driven futures for your cause, business, or industry

The Future Scouting logo—large

Design values-driven futures for your cause, business or industry

Future Scouting resources and workshops aim to inspire designers, product owners, and innovators to make time for projects that might steer us toward more preferred, values-driven futures.

future scenarios



Choose your future adventure!

Product Lifecycle Impact Cards

Experiment with tools

Explore speculative design, futures design, and life-centred thinking with this mix of experimental tools

A screena showing the Treaty of One Heart app—a world leader's heart breathing-in and out

Get inspired by speculative projects

Explore speculative projects by Future Scouting

Explore future inventions in the ALT-FUTRS store

View innovations created by participants of Future Scouting workshops in this store of future artefacts

The Future Scouting Team Game

Play the team design game

Scientists have created a wormhole to alternate futures!

To help steer humanity toward a better tomorrow, you—a Future Design Scout—will be sent forward in time to design with future technologies. Your mission is to bring back an invention that keeps the world aligned with a common Key Value (kindness, empathy, privacy, etc).

A game of fast design, Future Scouting combines speculative design with designing for values. You’ll ideate, sketch, and review and sabotage other Scouts in your quest to design the invention that best enables the Key Value.

Future Scouting Guide Book and Resources

Learn with the step-by-step guide book

#1 Amazon New Release in Industrial Design Books, February 2021

Drawing on the great work of Future Studies and speculative design practitioners past and present, Future Scouting combines tools from product design, design thinking, life-centred design, and science fiction, to get you saving the world and back to the present well before the next pandemic.

Includes downloadable and online resource access.

A Future Scouting workshop in action

Ask about a customised workshop

Contact me to learn about how I can customise and facilitate a game or workshop to explore values-driven futures for your cause, business or industry.

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