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Future Scouting®

A toolkit to joyfully explore and design the future

Future Scouting®

A toolkit to joyfully explore and design the future

Welcome to your multi-future time machine!

Step into the realm of speculative design, foresight, and design fiction, where science fiction meets reality, and imagination meets values, as you explore alternate possible futures to bring back future artefacts and strategise pathways to preferred futures.

A Futures Cone with three arrows pointing into the future and representing three alternate possible future scenarios.


Broaden people’s ideas of what is possible, generate discussion, and inspire the articulation of preferred futures.


Harness the boundless opportunities of tomorrow by exploring future advancements and the incredible potential of technology, and discover how it can shape the world around us.


Peer into the consequences of today’s choices and uncover their ripple effects in the days to come. Stay one step ahead by adapting to the evolving needs of future actors and forge a path towards a preferred and resilient future

Learn about futuring

The scenarios and artefacts you create will hold the key to innovation. They’ll serve as a testing ground to uncover the future impacts of decisions made today. They’ll help you understand future needs and inspire the breakthroughs that propel us forward.

The Future Scouting Toolkit—a book, game, online course, and tool set

Get started with the Future Scouting® Toolkit

Start learning hands-on about speculative design and design fiction with the Future Scouting® Toolkit—the team game, guide book, online course, and futuring tools.

The Introduction to Futuring document cover


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