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Design Books

All design books by Damien lutz

Design Books

All design books by Damien lutz

The Non-human Persona Guide

Non-human and non-user personas enable designers to respect the needs of the environments, animals, and invisible humans who are impacted by product lifecycles and business ecosystems.

The Non-human Persona Guide synthesises learnings from designers from around the world into methods for identifying, creating, and working with non-human/non-user personas to expand human-centred design to design for more than human needs.

The Life Centred Design Guide

The Life-centred Design Guide

The Life-centred Design Guide introduces life centred design, the emerging framework combining design practices to expand human centred design to consider all lifeforms and planet. The Guide also introduces the Life-centred CompassDesign PillarsStrategies, and Lenses, and provides an introduction to ten key supporting practices—circular design, human centred design, systems thinking, biomimicry, sustainable web design, foresight, distributed design, behavioural design, inclusive design, and pluriversal design.

Future Scouting®

Drawing on the great work of futures and speculative design practitioners past and present, Future Scouting® combines speculative design, life-centred design, product design and design thinking into one values-driven method to get you saving the world and back to the present well before the next pandemic.

Care for your books to care for trees


If your purchase or own physical books, you become a steward for the paper of your books who can ensure they don’t end up in landfill before they’ve lived new lives in reuse.

In effect, you become a carer for trees.

Maintain and repair

Books get old and damaged, sometimes making them unreadable and/or something we just want to throw away. Maintaining and repairing them can keep their value longer.

See for ways to:

  • Clean the book
  • Insert loose pages
  • Repair torn pages
  • Reattach a cover
  • Fix the binding

Just make sure you use environmentally friendly craft glue, ones with low VOC (volatile organic compounds), are petrochemical free, and/or water-based.

Need to get rid of it?

Before you think of just throwing an unwanted book away, think about who you could pass the book’s content value on to:

  • A friend
  • A school
  • Drop it in at a local library
  • Pop it in a street library box

Can’t give it away?

Before you drop an unwanted book in the bin, remember that paperbacks can generally be recycled.

Check your local rules to make sure you can drop them in the paper recycling bin.

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