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ALT-FUTRS is a speculative store built to inspire innovative, diverse, and sustainable futures.

Innovations created via Future Scouting workshops and games using a rapid design process and incorporating speculative design, and life-centred design.

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My WorkLife

Government-controlled job security with monitored role lifetime expectancy and automatic up-skilling and job migration.




Telepathy rings for conflict resolution.


  • Ability reflect upon your thoughts and be mindful about your own thoughts (since its compulsory for people to follow the stage one, it is always better to practice is it on your own before taking any decisions )
  • Ability bring justice through a humanly process 
  • Overall increase of mindfulness in the society




A teleportation beverage transferring you to different places around the world with a safe conscience, being sure that you have already compensated the carbon footprint you are producing (*Connection with your carbon credit is necessary).


Holo Escape Room Pass

Disconnect instantly from the world with an Escape Pass to our fully immersive Holo Escape Rooms.


PIP Privacy Bot

An adorable personal bot for every woman who privacy protection

Never feel alone again with Happybots your next friend, relationship, or support group is always there for you.


Conference Café

Have a unique conference experience at our conference cafe. Meet your conference colleagues virtually.

Network as if you were at a traditional conference and enjoy our famous hospitality and catering all without impacting the planet. Our carefully curated conference schedule ensures complimentary conferences are scheduled to run and break at the same time so you get a great networking experience.
Individual prices from $99. Ask for subscription and corporate packages.


Soil Sounds

Connect with your local community on another level with our wearable headset device that allows you to tune in and hear the sounds of the Earth.


Reduce your environmental impact and generate power for your flight through your waste and exercise using closed-loop energy systems.


Reduce your environmental impact and generate power for your flight through your waste and exercise using closed-loop energy systems.

Twinny Digital Twin

When you want to do the right thing but aren’t sure how to, your values-driven digital TWINNY will guide you when needed.

Just download and tell Twinny what goals and values you want to achieve, and you’re ready to be your better you.



Pods that charge through kinetic energy and solar power, to go to space. People meet in floating ‘meeting’ hubs.

The more ‘active’ you are, the less the travel costs for you/your organisation.

Bringing people across the globe together in a low carbon footprint and socially responsible way – accountable for your use and contribution.


Happy Bots

Nanobots seek out other people’s nanobots to help them find others who will make them happy

Program your bots to find friends, love interests, or other people who are going through similar life stages as you.

Never feel alone again with Happybots your next friend, relationship, or support group is always there for you.


An immersive storytelling experience created by you, for them.


RealLife Mixed Reality Projector

Face to face or couch to couch – connect with your loved ones like you used to. Catch up with your friends in a full 3D Mixed reality experience in your own home with our patented RealLife projector.

*Requires 2D app subscription, RealLife projector includes 6 months access

The Connector Room

A multi sensorial room that support people to connect in better ways.

Nature Spa

Disconnect and restore your sense of wellbeing with your own home Nature spa

Where do you want to go today? The Beach? The mountains? How about a forest? With the Nature Spa you can do it all.

A full sensory experience that will reset your mind and body.



An ergo workstation immersing you in virtual conferencing with android avatar representation, and more.

Be immersed anywhere no matter where you’re physically located. Experience the conference like you’re actually there. Remote control and interact with your colleagues with your avatar android. Your AI personal assistance will recommend best people to connect with and upload knowledge into your mind.



An ethical, energy-efficient, tech-enabled, customised outfit for you to enjoy your flight on Sol Airlines.




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Future Scouting Guide Book and Resources


A Future Scouting workshop in action


A spinning cube showing someone's values and assumptions—the Futures Pixel


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