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Speculative Design projects, workshops, and future prototypes


Speculative Design projects, workshops, and future prototypes


Facilitated sessions of the Future Scouting® Team Game and customised variations taking participants to alternate futures to design values-driven inventions with future technologies.

4 Futures of Connectivity—Rapid future persona and product design with Vodafone product team
The Futures of Airline Travel—Rapid future product design with Echos Design School students
The Futures of Life-centred Design—Exploring the future of designing with non-human personas, with Speculative Futures Sydney
Future values-driven design—Rapid design for future values-driven solutions using the Future Scouting® Team Game

Design Fictions

Design Fictions are prototypes of things from possible futures. Explore these digital concepts brought back from scouting possible futures of various themes such as travel, health, peace, mixed reality, and supply chain.

Illustration of a hand holding a smart phone which shows the Treaty of One Heart app—a heart beats in the centre of the screen in time with the user, and country flags appear showing how other people in different countries are using the app to sync their heart beat at the same time
MR In-flight Kit
Land to Hand drone network—a speculative futures concept
A hand peeling the seal off a smart patch

Speculative World Building

Exploring futures through worldbuilding based on story writing, and expanding on the story worlds through low-budget multi-media such as illustration, video, AI animation, interactive illustration, etc.

The book cover of "The Lenz" shows a young Japanese male looking up with his filed of vision highlighted in blue which transforms a bleak city view into a kaleidoscope of colour and activity.
The cover of the sci-fi book "Amanojaku" shows a young muscular man in overalls walking toward you with his head down, and he is wearing a harness that gives him four extra robotic arms. In the background looms the face of a female android who has a red stripe across her eyes. Behind her, in the distance, burns towering vertical farms.


A ‘store’ of future things, ALT-FUTRS is a collection of the Design Fictions created by participants of the Future Scouting® game and workshops, and from using the book’s method.

Create your own Design Fictions

A fun and practical step-by-step guide to designing life-centred, values-driven technology products with speculative design.

#1 Amazon New Release in Industrial Design, Feb ’21

Future Scouting guide book
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