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The Maya Lenz

How will advanced mixed reality impact our everyday lives?

The subject

How will advanced mixed-reality impact our daily lives?

How will we use it?

What if we can’t tell the difference between what is real and what isn’t?


Extended Realities
Predictive filtering


Futures Cone

The speculated future

In 2040, mobile smartphones are obsolete.

The main personal device is mixed reality eye-wear, with in-eye lenses the most common, and glasses for those who can’t afford the lenses.

The Design Fiction Concept

A close up of an eye with a coloured ring around the edge and a menu projected out from the eye

What if every day you could see and interact with a version of the world you preferred— a unique view personalised for you according to what makes you happy—all with a few blinks and eye movements?

If you could, would you apply Facebook and Snapchat filters to your sight? If the overcast day brought down your mood, would you choose a sunny day filter? What about the rows of buildings outside your bedroom window — would you prefer to wake up to the sparkling view of a giant waterfall? And the endless concrete covering the city, would you prefer it covered in lush green?

The Maya Lenz is a blink-controlled, augmented reality contact lens concept that immerses users in a persistent, uber-personalised view of the world with 100% field of vision, 24 hrs a day.


Design Guide
Web Page



*Future Scouting aims to champion values during futuring to ensure we are always fostering our preferred futures.

Speculated features

Installed via nano-technology

The advanced contact lens is administered via eye drops containing bio-compatible nano-materials that ‘colonise’ the Lenz on the eye.

An illustration showing the difference between VR, AR, MR and Alt-R

A potential 4th Extended Reality called AltR (Alternate Reality) created when MR tech is so advanced wearers see completely different augmentations of the same reality and yet are able to interact with each other as the different augmentations follow the same spatial dimensions and physics.

A close up of an eye and an overlaid AR menu

Blink-controlled interaction (usability principles ↗)

An illustration of a coloured lens around a pupil, and graphics showing information going into the lenz from social media profiles and eye-tracking

Personalised, predictive filtering

As well as standard filters and default displays, such as weather and directional information, the Lenz’s key feature is the Mirage—an automated, personalised filter that alters the user’s view to show them more of what they want to see and less of what they don’t.

Speculated implications of advanced MR

An view of people and homeless on a street, the sene blinks and the people become avatras, the bridge i smade beautiful, the sky brighter, and the homeless are hidden

Potential for uber-filtering of reality resulting in the exclusion of others and enabling denial

Potential for wearers’ enhanced alignment with values

Potential for a deeper connection with each other

Potential for a deeper connection with nature

The Design Fiction Protoypes

1. Future Web Page

A promotional product web page design exploring the product and service design evolved an ecosystem of products and services:

  • ‘Virtual Optometrist” goggles so users could have their eyes tested remotely
  • ‘Vision Bars’ like Apple’s genius Bars
  • Eye care supplements

2. Design Guide

Blink-controlled technology would afford a new way to interact.

And this would require new design principles for hands- and voice-free, eye-controlled interaction.

Blink interaction design guide design fiction

3. Prototype

Below is a video of an interactive prototype I created to explore blinking as an interaction medium.

Also, on the right, is a simplified version of the design and prototyped for sampling potential visual filters.

Testing a prototype on a large screen and sitting close to simulate an AR lens view

Other work

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