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A man wearing Mixed reality glasses on a plane


Mixed Reality Inflight Pack

How might mixed reality enhance airline travel?

The subject

In a futuring course exercise, we explored the future of airline travel by speculating on various futures of airline travel experiences impacted by future technology.


Mixed Reality


Futures Cone

The speculation

The future scenario

In the near future, air flights become the destination.

A future airline redesigns its plans to accommodate the Mixed Reality Explorer Programme—mixed reality inflight conferences, where the flight is the conference, where passengers can mingle with in-person attendees and other virtual passengers represented by MR avatars.

MR In-flight Kit


A Mixed Reality In-flight Care Pack

We took today’s inflight care pack concept and speculated a version impacted by mixed reality


15 min prototyping using items laying around the house



*Future Scouting aims to champion values during futuring to ensure we are always fostering our preferred futures.

MR In-flight Kit contents

IN-flight care pack CONTENTS

A prototype from this—made in 15 minutes and with items laying around the house—is the Mixed Reality In-flight Passenger Kit, allowing passengers to interact safely with a mixed reality enhanced in-flight experience.


  1. MR Glasses and Haptic gloves—the glasses could be a bendable sheath display that slides over a passenger’s own glasses, and the haptic gloves give physical sensations to enhance the Mixed Reality experience.
  2. Companion device—in a closed environment of a plane, voice interaction wouldn’t be ideal, and passengers raising their arms to tap their glasses could also cause disruption, so a discreet hand-held device could be a more suitable interaction method.
  3. Focusing on close visuals for a long time can strain the eyes, so eye drops are included to assist with relieving any exertion
  4. Moving and realism in Mixed Reality experiences can cause discombobulation and nausea in some users, so a gentle anti-nausea, re-stabilising medication is included
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