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A futures-thinking, mindfulness tool to stay tuned into values, assumptions, and biases

About the Futures Pixel

The Futures Pixel is a kind of mindfulness token to hold in your hands to centre you, something that by its tangible nature prompts you to pause in the haste and tune into your values, assumptions, and biases—as you design—to help you create kinder and more mindful experiences for users and the environment.

Simply fill in the template, print it out, and fold it into a cube (no adhesive needed) to keep near you to stay mindful of your values, assumptions and biases.

The Futures Pixel template—a mindfulness tool for designing values-driven futures


The top of the pixel holds the key message — ”Stay centred” around your values.

Three of the sides hold your values, your assumptions of your project or challenge’s theme, and audience lenses to consider to help you address your own biases toward the spectrum of human experience.

The graphic on the fourth side is a reminder to think about the cyclical nature of life. For designers, this is specific to remembering the full life-cycle of the product or service you are designing. We don’t just produce an item with a lifecycle defined by human use-we release things into the world that impacts multiple ecosystems over the span of the time and distance of their entire lifecycle, from the sourcing of their various materials to their manufacturing, repair, life of use, and final breakdown.

Determining your values, assumptions and biases

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The Futures Pixel—a mindfulness tool for designing values-driven futures

How to use

Fill in your values, assumptions, and biases, print out, and fold up your Pixel to keep on your desk during a design project, period of change or challenge.

Define your own ritual of use:

Before any meetings, design sessions, or research sessions

At the start of each day

At times of decision making, confusion, or frustration

Any time you feel you need to tune back into your values

Our core values remain the same over longer periods, but biases and assumptions can change with each project. To keep these in mind for each new project or challenge—and to have them accessible through the noise and common formats of all other design considerations—print a Pixel per project/challenge. You might have a couple on your desk at once. Picking up each Pixel when needed will also help you context shift.


Download Futures Pixel

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