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Future Scouting®

A fun and practical step-by-step guide to designing life-centred, values-driven technology with speculative design

#1 Amazon New Release in Industrial Design Books, February 2021

For designers, product owners, and innovators

And anyone else wanting to experiment with future technologies and value-driven design

Drawing on the great work of futures and speculative design practitioners past and present, Future Scouting® combines speculative design, life-centred design, product design and design thinking into one values-driven method to get you saving the world and back to the present well before the next pandemic.

Based on the Future Scouting® game (Notable Design Education Initiative, Core77 Awards 2021), the guidebook includes downloadable worksheets to help you research, ideate, sketch, and storify as you learn how to:

– Catch a signal of emerging change
– Design a future invention
– Ideate a key scenario
– Extrude a hero and future world
– Compile your artefacts into a shareable prototype

Book Resources

Future Scouting® is accompanied by various resources created specifically for the Future Scouting method—prompt cards, worksheets, artefact sheets.

Worksheets for the Future Scouting Design Guide Book

"Lutz’s book gives us a toolkit to widen our frame of vision and stretch our creativity."

"A very good text for someone who wants tobe introduced to futures & foresight knowledege."

"I liked the focus on designing for core values."

About the author

Damien Lutz is a Sydney-based UX Designer Researcher and author of the speculative design guide Future Scouting®. His game version of Future Scouting® was an honouree Education Design Initiative in the 2021 Core77 Design Awards, and his One Heart Treaty concept was a semi-finalist in the United Nation’s 2020 Futuring Peace initiative.

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