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Future Scouting Guide Book and Resources

A fun and practical step-by-step guide book to designing for the future with speculative design

Learn how to use speculative design, life-centred design, and values-driven design to create inventions from the future to inspire change today.

#1 Amazon New Release in Industrial Design Books, February 2021

For designers, product owners, and innovators

And anyone else wanting to experiment with future technologies and value-driven design

Drawing on the great work of futures and speculative design practitioners past and present, Future Scouting combines speculative design, life-centred design, product design and design thinking into one values-driven method to get you saving the world and back to the present well before the next pandemic.

Based on the Future Scouting game (Notable Design Education Initiative, Core77 Awards 2021), the guidebook includes downloadable worksheets to help you research, ideate, sketch, and storify as you learn how to:

– Catch a signal of emerging change
– Design a future invention
– Ideate a key scenario
– Extrude a hero and future world
– Compile your artefacts into a shareable prototype

This playful projection of what futures might exist—and how people may behave in them—will expand your peripheral creativity and deepen your awareness of human behaviour and psychology. Speculative design is exciting and humbling. It’s also a lot of fun.

Book Resources

Future Scouting is accompanied by various resources created specifically for the Future Scouting method—prompt cards, worksheets, artefact sheets.

Worksheets for the Future Scouting Design Guide Book

More than a book

Check out the Future Scouting Hub for the Future Scouting team game and inventions from around the world.

About the author

Damien Lutz is a UX Designer and Researcher, sci-fi author, and very amateur drone pilot.

He is the author of sci-fi novels Amanojaku and The Lenz, a contributor to Vodafone’s Red Wire tech blog, and he writes about designing with fiction on Medium. His game version of Future Scouting has been used in the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka and was an honouree Education Design Initiative in the 2021 Core77 Design Awards. His One Heart Treaty concept was a semi-finalist in the United Nation’s 2020 Futuring Peace initiative.

When he is not designing, Damien is doing his best to not lose another drone.

"Lutz’ book gives us a toolkit to widen our frame of vision and stretch our creativity."

"A very good text for someone who wants tobe introduced to futures & foresight knowledege."

"I liked the focus on designing for core values."

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