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Scientists have created a wormhole to alternate futures!

To help steer humanity toward a better tomorrow, you—a Future Design Scout—will be sent forward in time to design with future technologies. Your mission is to bring back an invention that keeps the world aligned with a common Key Value (kindness, empathy, privacy, etc).

Illustration of two people standing on platforms in mid teleportation

A game of fast design, Future Scouting® combines speculative design with designing for values. You’ll ideate, sketch, and review and sabotage other Scouts in your quest to design the invention that best enables the Key Value.

“Refreshing and thought provoking”

“The futurist’s reply to the business canvas”

“Fun and engaging”

Design Education Award

Future Scouting received a Notable Design Education Initiative Award in the Core 77 Design Awards 2021

Game Inventions Map

Future inventions by players from around the world can be viewed on the Future Inventions Map

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