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Future Scouting®—Designing Future Products



  • 15 Lessons
  • Beginner level
  • Includes 9 downloadable worksheets and access to 5 digital card decks
  • Online and at your own pace
  • For product/UX/UI and service designers, product owners, innovators, and anyone wanting to learn futuring
  • Certificate
  • Free Future Scouting® Membership
  • 12 month access

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What you will learn

Future Scouting®—Designing Future Products combines product design, life-centred thinking, and the science fiction world-building of speculative design to guide you step-by-step to create a future values-driven product

Futures literacy

  • Recognise the types and potentials of futures
  • Ground futures thinking with values
  • Identify signals of emerging change
  • Ground speculation in realism
  • Synthesise signal research into a product
  • Brainstorm future scenarios
  • Ideate future stakeholders
  • Brainstorm future story detail
  • Visually articulate future worlds

Futures tools

  • The Futures Cone
  • The Future Scouting® Dashboard
  • Signal Tracing
  • Research Map
  • Invention Blueprint
  • The Futures Wheel
  • Scenario Futures Wheel
  • Future Persona
  • Story Futures Wheel
  • Future Location Snapshot

“Useful for spotting concepts/exercises that I can draw on in my everyday design work with clients.”

Mackenzie, Service Designer

The project

Using the Future Scouting® method and guided by your core values you’ll create:

  • An Invention Blueprint
  • A Future Persona
  • A Future Location snapshot
  • A prototype of your future invention that you’ll be able to share in various ways, including stocking your invention in the ALT-FUTRS store
Soil Sounds—a future product

“An incredible learning experience”

Yesica Ochoa, UX Designer

Course Outline


  • Introduction

About speculative design

  • Lesson 1—About speculative design
  • Lesson 2—Speculative Design Examples
  • Lesson 3: The Future Scouting method

Step 1. Prepare to time-travel

  • Lesson 4: The Futures Cone
  • Lesson 5: The Future Scouting® Dashboard

Step 2. Catch a signal

  • Lesson 6: Signals of the futures
  • Lesson 7: Signal Tracing

Step 3. Hunt an invention

  • Lesson 8: Research Map
  • Lesson 9: Invention Blueprint

Step 4. Release your invention

  • Lesson 10: The Futures Wheel
  • Lesson 11: Scenario Futures Wheel

Step 5. Hero and future world

  • Lesson 12: Future Persona
  • Lesson 13: Story Futures Wheel
  • Lesson 14: Future Location Snapshot

Step 6. Prototype and share

  • Lesson 15: Prototype and share

Welcome back to your Now

  • Welcome back to your Now
  • Further learning

The Future Scouting® Method

Future Scouting®—Designing Future Products is based on the Future Scouting® book, which was used to develop The Maya Lenz concept for the sci-fi novel The Lenz, and the game, which has been played around the world and was a recipient of a Notable Design Education Initiative Award in the Core 77 Design Awards 2021.

Ready to design for the future?

If you’ve ever imagined a better version of your favourite device, products that consider the environment and social justice, or innovating ways to improve the lives of others, let Future Scouting® show you how to design the values-aligned technology products of tomorrow.

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