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Guide book

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Life-centred purpose


Life-centred design is a regenerative, responsive, and globally inclusive framework synching responsible businesses with global goals to design products and services that minimise harm, re-nourish the planet, and foster fair and diverse ways of being.

A diagram showing product designers at the micro level connected to global goals at the macro level

Life-centred design connects product design to global goals by considering:

Entire product lifecycle

Expanding product design responsibility from the target-user experience to the entire lifecycle, from material extraction to end of use

All peoples and planet

Increasing the human-centred design stakeholders from just ‘user and business’ to ‘user, non-user, local and global communities, ecosystems and planetary boundaries’

Merging design practices

Merging existing design practices to zoom in and out between micro, meso and macro views

Product designers can start having impact now

Read the guide

Understand the past design impacts on the world and the present shift in thinking

Guide book

Exercise and experiment

Use the exercises in the guide and the tools in the resource hub to start learning by playing

Lifecycle Map

Delve deeper

Explore the links in the Further Learning section and choose a starting point for deeper learning

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