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Life Centred Purpose

Defining a life-centred purpose

Life-centred design asks businesses to redefine their purpose by ensuring it aligns with global goals and regenerates what it takes from.

The life-centred purpose is the higher purpose that the product or service is a part of.


Below are the results of using the tool to create the life-centred purpose for The Life Centred Design Guide.

A Purpose Statement for the Life-centred Design Guide

Life-centred commitments from the Purpose

Reducing waste

Utilising print-on-demand and providing guidance on keeping the book circular


Regenerating trees

Donating 1% of sales of the printed guidebook to


Reducing energy consumption

Evolve digital channels to embrace more sustainable digital practices to reduce energy consumption


Fostering the pluriverse

Keeping Indigenous People’s sustainable and regenerative practices in the conversation


Fostering open-source

Providing free tools, exercises, and links with license to remixing and resharing


Transparency of actions

Sharing commitments openly


Start exploring your life-centred purpose

Use the Life-centred purpose tool to start exploring your purpose—individuals can use it too!

Learn more about life-centred thinking with ‘The Life-centred Design Guide’

The Life Centred Design Guide
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