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The Life Centred Design Guide

The Life Centred Design Guide

A synthesis of approaches with exercises, tools, and resources to start designing more sustainable and fair experiences

The Life Centred Design Guide

The Life Centred Design Guide

An emerging practice that expands human centred design to be more sustainable, regenerative, and just

For designers, product owners, decision-makers and innovators wanting to design a more sustainable and kind future

Life centred design expands human centred design to include consideration for the planet and all lifeforms by aligning designers with global goals.
As it is still emerging, however, life centred design is practised by only a few, and how it is practised varies.

Life centred design compass

The Life Centred Design Guide analyses these various approaches to synthesise a ‘future snapshot’ of what an evolved framework might be. Introducing the Life Centred Compass, Design Pillars, Strategies, and Lenses, the guide also provides an introduction to ten key supporting practices—circular design, human centred design, systems thinking, biomimicry, sustainable web design, foresight, distributed design, behavioural design, inclusive design, and pluriversal design.

10 supporting design practices

Complete with exercises and accompanying online resources, The Life Centred Design Guide is for anyone who is interested in implementing transformational change within product and experience design from both the ground up—regardless of design experience or role—and from the higher levels of business where power is held and decisions are made.

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Book Resources

The Life Centred Design Guide also comes with various exercises and resources created specifically for the guide

Life centred design worksheets

About the author

Damien Lutz is a Sydney-based UX/UI Designer and researcher, author of the speculative design guide Future Scouting and two science fiction novels, The Lenz and Amanojaku, and he also writes about emerging and experimental design on Medium. His game version of Future Scouting was an honouree Education Design Initiative in the 2021 Core77 Design Awards, and his One Heart Treaty concept was a semi-finalist in the United Nation’s 2020 Futuring Peace initiative.

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