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Holistic Design Toolkit

Experimental tools for life-centred design and designing preferred futures

About the toolkit

As designers and product creators, we release things into the world that impact multiple ecosystems spanning the time and distance of our creation’s entire lifecycle, from the sourcing of its various materials to the manufacturing, repair, life of use, and final breakdown.

Life-centred design (also known as ‘environment-centred design’ and ‘planet-centred design’) is expanding our mindset from purely human-centred creation to include consideration of sustainable economic, environmental, and social solutions.

The Holistic Design Tools are life-centred adaptations of existing user-centred design tools introducing life-centred design. Explore, experiment, evolve and re-share.

“But we need to design that future, to experiment and make things that describe what might be possible, and to create the kinds of systems that make our world richer, stranger, and more full of possibility.” - Alexis Lloyd

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Holistic Design Toolkit

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