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  • Health-monitoring shirts with haptic feedback
  • Holiday Vitamins—pop one when you need a break!
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Happy Bots

Nanobots seek out other people’s nanobots to help them find others who will make them happy

Program your bots to find friends, love interests, or other people who are going through similar life stages as you.

Never feel alone again with Happybots your next friend, relationship, or support group is always there for you.

Nature Spa

Disconnect and restore your sense of wellbeing with your own home Nature spa

Where do you want to go today? The Beach? The mountains? How about a forest? With the Nature Spa you can do it all.

A full sensory experience that will reset your mind and body.


Holo Escape Room Pass

Disconnect instantly from the world with an Escape Pass to our fully immersive Holo Escape Rooms.


Twinny Digital Twin

When you want to do the right thing but aren’t sure how to, your values-driven digital TWINNY will guide you when needed.

Just download and tell Twinny what goals and values you want to achieve, and you’re ready to be your better you.


My WorkLife

Government-controlled job security with monitored role lifetime expectancy and automatic up-skilling and job migration.




  • Disconnect instantly from the world.
  • Real feedback from your surroundings with haptic suits
  • Safety features means you get all the benefits of exploration minus the bumps and bruises
  • Available in 15 minute sessions up to 1 week with food and drinks packages available.


RealLife Mixed Reality Projector

Face to face or couch to couch – connect with your loved ones like you used to. Catch up with your friends in a full 3D Mixed reality experience in your own home with our patented RealLife projector.

*Requires 2D app subscription, RealLife projector includes 6 months access

PIP Privacy Bot

An adorable personal bot for every woman who privacy protection

Never feel alone again with Happybots your next friend, relationship, or support group is always there for you.


Future Scouting Plurality

ALT-FUTRS is a speculative store built to inspire innovative, diverse, and sustainable futures. Items are not real (yet!) and are meant to provoke wider thinking of what is possible for our futures.

These speculative innovations are created via Future Scouting workshops and games—participatory workshops using a rapid design process, futuring, speculative design, and life-centred design.

Tools for values-driven innovation



A spinning cube showing someone's values and assumptions—the Futures Pixel

Banner photo by Andy Kelly on Unsplash

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